Course Description

  • KCNA exam focuses on a user’s foundational knowledge and skills in Kubernetes and the wider cloud native ecosystem.
  • KCNA exam is intended to prepare candidates to work with cloud-native technologies and pursue further CNCF credentials, including CKA, CKAD, and CKS.
  • KCNA exam curriculum includes these general domains and their weights on the exam:
    • Kubernetes Fundamentals - 46%
    • Container Orchestration - 22%
    • Cloud Native Architecture - 16%
    • Cloud Native Observability - 8%
    • Cloud Native Application Delivery - 8%
  • KCNA validates the conceptual knowledge of
      • the entire cloud native ecosystem, particularly focusing on Kubernetes.
      • Kubernetes and cloud-native technologies, including how to deploy an application using basic kubectl commands, the architecture of Kubernetes (containers, pods, nodes, clusters), understanding the cloud-native landscape and projects (storage, networking, GitOps, service mesh), and understanding the principles of cloud-native security.
    • KCNA exam requires you to solve 60 questions in 90 minutes.

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    • 2 Practice Tests - Over 100 Questions
    • Multiple choice and multiple answer Scenario based questions
    • Timed Tests to match actual pattern
    • Accurate, detailed explanation for each question and answer
    • Excellent support for Queries & Clarifications

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